How To get started blogging or build a website for free

One of the first websites we are going to check out that provides free websites is

WordPress is probably the largest content management system out there during the current time and many websites are working off WordPress so many people can help you out since it is common.

WordPress offers a Free Tier which is the one you will be selecting for no price. On the free tier you get SSL Certificate, this is important to make sure all your websites have this. The free version also includes some free themes but then the next tier is only $4/month which gives you a personal domain but I do recommend just starting on the free so you can start learning. Once you understand what you’re doing and have plenty of posts then I would recommend upgrading.

The next website we are going to check out is

You can easily build your own website with the free version of Wix it really compares to WordPress. These don’t just have to be your own blog you can make it your company website too if you want. They all have editors and themes you can use to create your website the way you want it, most features will cost money.

There is another website called https://www.weebly.com

Weebly is very similar to WordPress and Wix supplying the same features and requires you to pay if you want to do more than the basic but each website will have different themes and layouts that you might prefer.

Now if you are just interested in blogging, not looking for your own website, not next tier, it’s more personal or you just aren’t ready to build your own website then is the direction for you. It is very popular and plenty of articles out there that you can do and it’s free for you to do! It also has a very good way at being discovered on it. Which of course following after this you wont be able to get your own domain without paying.

Another just blogging is which is also a very popular one and really compares to Medium. These last two websites are nice because if you just want to post a blog/article then you can simply just do it a lot faster rather than taking all the time for detail. All these websites are going have their free tiers and then the paid upgrades that help you out the most.

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